'On a Cushion of Air'
Hoverlloyd  Reunion
Welcome to all ex-employees of our once great company and a special welcome to all those who worked in other capacities in the hoverports on both sides of the Channel
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The 2019 50th anniversary Reunion
On May 21st a reunion was held to celebrate 50 years from the start of Hoverlloyd's SRN4 operations.
Exactly 100 of us enjoyed 4 hours of happy encounters with our old friends and colleagues.
See Reunion for the story. Pictures of the event will be posted soon.
Guests being welcomed by one of Hoverlloyd's original Captains
The splendid cake, served with coffee
50th Anniversary Lunch
On May 22nd a lunch was held at the Charles Dickens Restaurant in Broadstairs.
Being a formal meal, numbers were limited to about 50 with the emphasis on original Hoverlloyd members from each department.

See Reunion for more of the story. Again, there will be photos in the Pictures section soon.