Frances, David and Sandra relaxed, awaiting the Royal arrival Bill and wife Kathleen Alan and Diane - any minute now! HRH Princess Royal arrives, escorted by Robin Paine and Museum Trustees Inspection of a modern Griffon hovercraft Hovertravel’s state of the art 80 seat Griffon 12000TD performed for HRH
Anne meets Anne - again Anne looking smart (R to L) Bill, June, Betty, Lilian, Janet The Princess inspects the only remaining component of Hoverlloyd's four N4s
Tony and Laurette meet HRH ... ... and then Dennis, Diane, Lynne and Cathy After a chat with each of us, HRH moves on to the next group The Mk3 cardeck - ample space for further formalities
HRH receives a copy of 'On a Cushion of Air' The Princess Royal departs for another round of duties One of the two Spitfire that performed at the royal visit A teriffic day - Di, Lillian, Cathy, Warwick, Betty, Lynne, June and Laurette
HRH at the Hovercraft Museum
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With thanks to Blitz Photography for many of the pictures